BOB Gear Rambler Travel System Review

BOB Gear Rambler Travel SystemEnjoy family outings with the BOB Gear Rambler Travel System linking the B-Super Jogging Strollers, the B-Safe gen2 Infant Car Seat, car seat base and the Adapter in a single convenient package. The BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Strollers is meant for long distance traveling with child seating ability for newborns and a wide range of features for older babies. It offers multiple storage compartments for easy organizing of stuff and convenience for the parent by offering a secure child seat. The BOB Gear Rambler Travel System makes moving about with your baby an enjoyable experience.

The BOB Gear Rambler Travel System includes an infant car seat that is designed to cater to the needs of different age ranges. It also has a convenient carrying handle that makes it safe for parents to carry their infants in the BOB Gear Rambler Travel System. It includes an air-filled tires to make traveling on both smooth and bumpy surfaces easy. It also has five point harness straps with swivel belt that provides maximum safety for the infant. The BOB Gear Rambler Travel System also features a built-in storage container for the use of diapers and wipes.

The Travel System offers a swivel locking front wheel for running and walking convenience. The front wheel swivels for simple ability to move or locks for security while jogging, and at the same time the shock absorber is developed like a mountain bicycle for an ultra-smooth trip. The compact, air filled tires easily handle bumps while saving trunk room, and also the strong light weight aluminum frame supplies a 75lb weight capability so your kid can ride longer. The B-Safe Gen2 infant child seat is made with a high-strength steel strengthened base as well as SafeCell crumple area for assured security. With a roomy seat area and also tagless smooth touch weaved material, your child should be comfortable throughout your journey. Unique Safe Center Latch makes it very easy to accomplish this.

The Rambler folds up to a length overall that is roughly the size of the wheel base. The wheels do stagnate relative to each other when the BOB is folded. The upper seating area and the weather protection fold and collapse over the wheels. The size of the folded BOB is the same as when it is rolling. The “thickness” of the BOB when folded up is about 1ft. The folded up BOB fits easily in the rear of a small car. So it does fit most automobiles that are intended for a household. I presume a really tiny compact vehicle (“Smart Car” is a fine example) may have problems bring the BOB in the back seat and also still have space for a child car seat.

Pros of BOB Gear Rambler Travel System

It combines the rugged durability of the Rambler jogging stroller with the trusted safety of Britax B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat very well.
This Travel System is lightweight and takes up less weight in the trunk. It is easy to push and the sun visor goes really down offering an infant maximum protection from the sun. It is also easy to fold and unfold. This is an excellent stroller for use in the city especially on sidewalks and in the park.

Cons of the Rambler

Some people may consider it to be small and the handle bars are not adjustable.

The BOB Gear Rambler is very well constructed travel system and is available at a very affordable price. If you are planning to buy this travel system for your infant, it is highly recommended that you look for the extended warranty which is available. This will ensure that you get full satisfaction for the product you purchase.

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