Here is the About page of is a website born out of a wish by a few individuals to present information and instructions from a variety of sources with like minded individuals all over the world. The site continues to be in development and therefore there is a great deal of experimenting happening. With that in mind, we intend to only post content that those who go on our web page will find useful. So despite the fact that there is a bit of experimentation going on, the quality of the information that we post will be of the highest standard. It is just that for the moment, there is a bit of organization and preparations to be dealt with.

It’s our intention to make this internet site a general objective hub of data, advice and guides. The key areas of focus are baby strollers, prams and infant car seats. It is also our objective to share some of the information that we discover on the net every now and then. These will consist of reports, images, video clips and blogs. A few will be for pure fun and others can be educational and enlightenment. We hope that all who visit our website take something away that can help them in one form or another.

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