Jane Rider Premium Travel System Stroller – With Bassinet (Sand)

Rider – “The Magnificent Revolution” The term luxurious may carry some serious weight with it, not only in the expectations it holds, but also in the price it commands. Riders is designed and constructed in a way that says luxury in every way, shape as well as form while managing to stay humble at the exact same time. From the beautiful European design to the patented technological advancements, this baby stroller is the peak of affluence while not commanding the luxurious price point that 1 might expect. It’s the core of what we believe is the real revolution. You get every thing you need like a superbly created basket that folds straight down within an extremely strong and sophisticated frame, in order to the bassinet that will comfort your baby to sleep on a good mid-day stroll, all included in the same package. This is your statement piece. This is the new way to do luxury.

Price: $299.99

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