Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Circa

This No.1-rated convertible has a groundbreaking installation that leaves you with no doubt the seat is securely and properly installed. 3 layers of side impact protection, a snug harness indicator, an impact-absorbing base and steel body make for the best protection for your child. Typically up to 75 percent of infant car seats are installed incorrectly, but the revolutionary ClickTight Installation System is the safest and easiest technology on the market. Just open the actual front regarding the actual infant car seat, buckle the seat belt across plus click the seat close. That’s all you need to do for rock-solid installation – the seat will not move and you may travel worry-free with your child. Britax is the only child infant car seat brand that features world-class SafeCell Impact Protection. This integrated system of safety components provides unmatched protection for your baby. These types of features include a steel frame, energy-absorbing base, V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation as well as staged-release stitches that slow and reduce ahead motion during a crash. Side influences represent 25 percent of collisions and result in the most severe injuries. Britax designed the Advocate ClickTight with these types of statistics in mind. The seat offers a heavy foam-lined shell, quick-adjust head protection as well as side cushions, forming three layers of side safety – the greatest protection for your child. Almost Sixty % of infant car seat harnesses tend to be too loose. Britax’s patented Click & Safe Comfortable Harness Indicator takes the guesswork out of seating your little one and lets a person know which your child’s harness is within range of proper tightness with a click sound. Britax created the Advocate ClickTight to securely and easily hold your child from birth all the way through the preschool years. The easy-adjust harness develops along with your child with fourteen different positions. Change the peak of the seat with just the push of a button – no inconvenient rethreading necessary.

Price: $439.99

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